Friday, November 23, 2007


Progress is noticeable these last two weeks as the siding is completely installed and painted and new windows are in place. The interior walls are finished for the most part, primed, and the actual painting of both the walls and the molding has begun. Three of the four entrances into the area have been reconfigured with the two into the Visitor's Center becoming windows and the one into the non-fiction room remaining an entrance but reconfigured to match its counterparts. The tile in the bathroom as well as the fixtures have been replaced. Next week, work will begin on the columns on the front porch and continue in the bathroom and entrance way. For the latest photos, visit

Friday, November 2, 2007

Putting It Up Instead of Taking It Down

Work on the library's repair and restoration project has entered a new phase as crews swiftly apply the new siding. New concrete piers are in place and framing for the front porch and the handicapped ramp has begun. Inside, application of gypsum board over the existing plaster walls continues. Electricians have rewired to accommodate new recessed lighting, the addition of a closed circuit television system, and the switchover of much of the outside wiring to underground conduits. During the next few weeks, work will center on modifications to the present bathroom, installation of the more energy efficient windows, and further work to the front porch. For photos of the building with its new siding in place, please visit