Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tidings & Tidbits

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month
Did you know that a library is a portal? Cross over the threshold and you can enter the future, revisit the past, or enrich your present. You may
stay in town or travel anywhere in the universe, real or imagined! Last week I witnessed a murder in a 1932 circus tent (Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen) and planned a weekend trip to Lake George (Adirondack Life magazine) as I perused the library’s new arrivals and used book corner.
I caught up on upcoming programs such as The Log Cabin Quilt scheduled for September 30th and the ongoing Mohawk Valley Sampler project that encourages residents to submit a poem, short story, essay, sketch, or musical interlude about an event, place, person, or moment that best captures their feelings about the central Mohawk Valley. I am polishing my piece for this worthwhile undertaking. In a world of “giant” entities, it is easy to forget that we are valued components of this place and time. What we feel is important and should be recorded for our grandchildren and others. I encourage everyone to contact Dawn at the Margaret Reaney Library, 568-7822, or Laura at Fort Plain, 993-4646, for more information about this project.
…Which reminds me. It’s Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month. Writers, like readers, are allowed to go elsewhere at will. Editors are writers chained to reality. So, if you see Josh, be kind to him!
Submitted by Fort Plain Free Library Board of Trustee member Sally-Jean Taylor.