Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Mohawk Valley Sampler

The Fort Plain Free and Margaret Reaney Memorial Libraries have begun a joint project that will ultimately result in the creation of a published work entitled A Mohawk Valley Sampler. Throughout the fall and winter, we will be gathering area residents' impressions and reflections about a person, place, event, or moment that best captures their feelings about living in the central Mohawk Valley. Submissions may be in any format whether a poem, short story, essay, sketch, or even an original musical interlude. Project staff will proofread the selections with an eye toward spelling and grammar, but we would like to offer the community your perspective in your own voice.
To get the project started, we will be offering a Basics of Memory Writing Workshop with writer-in-residence Ali MacDonald on Saturday, November 10, from 9:00 – 3:00 at the Reaney Memorial Library in St. Johnsville. Lunch will be provided. Ali is a St. Johnsville resident and published author who has vast experience with writing workshops and is a master at helping people express themselves on paper. Should you be interested in attending this free offering, please call the St. Johnsville library at (518) 568-7822 to register for an enjoyable day.
Ali will also be offering monthly one-on-one sessions with interested individuals throughout the winter. At this time, participants may bring ideas about or rough drafts of submissions to the working session, and Ali will assist the writer in saying what they wish to communicate in the most effective fashion.
We all have a wealth of information to share with our neighbors. Whether it be a remembrance of growing up in Fort Plain decades ago, information on an historical aspect of the Valley, a brief narrative about a resident who has had an impact on our lives, or even a sketch of a place that means a good deal to us, residents are encouraged to share these musings and feelings with their community.
Should you have any questions or comments about the project, please contact the library at (518) 993-4646 or by email at

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