Thursday, September 27, 2007

Demolition and Abatement

Work on the repair, renovation, and restoration project began this month with removal of the gray paneling from the interior two rooms of the library and the siding from the exterior of the facility. In addition, Sullivan Contracting of Sauquoit began the extensive lead-paint abatement that the project requires. For photos of this phase of the project, go to Stay tuned for updates on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

This is so interesting and exciting to see such a worthwhile project progressing. The secret staircase, hidden doors and windows, and all intrigue the imagination. Are there local elders still in the area who can remember the building when it was just a home, who can add to the history?

I hope there will be more phases of improvement to this lovely, fine library.

A visitor from away

odonnelldebra said...

It must have been quite a surprise to find a hidden door, window and staircase!
I'm so glad that the renovation story can be told in pictures for the public to view.
I look forward to seeing the library's changing face as renovation and restoration progresses.