Sunday, September 2, 2007

Renovation/Restoration Work to Begin

The construction company of Bast Hatfield will begin work on the library's long-awaited renovation/restoration project on Monday, September 10. Work to be done during the project which will be completed in an estimated three months includes the much needed repair and restoration of the front porch as well as the addition of a handicapped ramp at this entrance, an upgrade to existing lighting and windows, replacement of the gray paneling that now detracts from the historic aspects of the two former front parlors, the renovation of the twin fireplaces that are the centerpieces of these rooms, and the installation of custom shelving that will allow us to securely display our artifacts and memorabilia from the Clinton Liberal Institute.
We hope to proceed with as little disruption to existing library service as possible. Though our non-fiction collection is in storage for the duration of the project, patrons can request materials online or in person at the library. Daily delivery insures that requests are filled in a short period of time. The middle children's room is still available, but the non-fiction room, the Visitor's Center, and the booksale area will be inaccessible. Wireless internet access may be used throughout the rest of the building.
We're expecting some dust and a good deal of noise, but bear with us. We think you will be pleased with this section of the library at the close of 2007!

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